We offer wide range of stainless steel process vessels, mixers and non-pressure tanks. They are manufactured as vertical or horizontal units. We manufacture them on clients demand, it allows us to meet client’s individual requirements. Non-pressure tanks are made with flat or conic bottoms. Which we manufacture ourselves. We produce non-pressure tanks with acid resistant and carbon steel.

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Stainless steel vessels may be fitted with various auxiliary equipment that is:

  • Monitoring and measurement tools,
  • Cleaning system,
  • Breather valve,
  • Upper manway,
  • Lower flank manway,
  • Service ladders and gateways,
  • Screw or frame propeller,
  • Heating mantle or cooling jacket,
  • Insulating mantle.


Vessels outer surface may be finished in chosen standard:

  • Grinding,
  • Polishing,
  • Pickling and passivating,
  • Painting


Another group of vessels are mixers which are an expanded version of pressure and non-pressure vessels. They tend to present high technological demand due to type of products and their mixtures. We do have huge experience in selecting mixers and their adaptation to various demands. We use many types of stirrers. Stirrers ale also manufactured individually. You can use them with existent mixers or newly built ones for example those made of concrete.


We provide following propellers:

  • Single,
  • Multiple,
  • Frame,
  • Frame with scrapers,