Stainless steel pressure vessels are a big part of our production. They are manufactured in pursuance of EU Directives and under the supervision of notified Body, the can be labelled with CE conformity marking. We prepare full Technical Documentation for manufactured supervision equipment.

On the grounds of an agreement with Technical Inspection Authority we are able to manufacture vessels for flammable and hazardous liquids. On clients demand those vessels may be granted a certificate for measuring devices by Central Office of Measures. Acid resistant pressure vessels may also be manufactured as vessels suitable for explosion hazard zone EX.

Pressure vessel may be designed and manufactured as a vertical or a horizontal units.

zbiorniki ciśnieniowe


We fit our pressure vessels with measurement and control equipment according to client’s requirements. For example:

  • Level sensor,
  • Temperature sensor,
  • Depth finder,
  • Leak detector,
  • Other utilities allowing vessel monitoring.


We offer our vessels in various surface and welded joints finish standards:

  • Hot rolled sheet,
  • Cold rolled sheet with 2B surface (Ra<0,8),
  • Welding brushing,
  • Welding grinding,
  • Welding pickling,
  • Passivation,
  • Blasting


We treat each vessel individually and that’s why during designing and manufacturing process we consider all usability issues and clients detailed requirements.