Our filling machines are in most cases individually designed with the specifications from our clients based on utilities in range and equipment’s fitting. Our extended development department and its experienced staff are able to design and create a product tailored to client’s specific, individual requirements.

Range of our dispensers


Liquid dosage:

  • Weigh dispenser is a multipurpose tool designed for dosage for wide range of containers from 0,5L to industrial size containers (1000L pallet containers, 200L barrels), dosage is set with weigh terminal. We provide wide range of solutions and types of equipment designed for edible, flammable or corrosive liquids etc.
  • Flow rate meter dispenser with step less dosage adjustment in ranges from 10ml even to 30L and more. Depending on the liquid the tool may be equipped with mass meter feeder (non-conductive fluids) or electromagnetic (conductive fluids). Thanks to their simplicity of design and easiness in maintenance there are perfect for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
  • Piston dispenser is a multipurpose tool with step less dosage based on a piston stroke change (chambers capacity is changed with an adjusting screw. Propulsion done through a pneumatic cylinder. Surfaces that are in contact with a product are made with acid resistant steel, rest is made with AISI304 steel. One dosage ranges from 0,15L to 1L. We manufacture single piston and double piston feeders.
  • Pressure-overflow dispenser is designed for filling glass and plastic containers. Dispensers design allows sealing of containers after the are filled. Fluid overflow is drained through an overflow tube. This kind of equipment guarantees high precision of the dosage for containers up to 10L. Number of dispensers is individually designed to meet clients requirements.


Loose products dosage:

  • Vibrator dispenser designed for filling containers with loose products, powders, and granules (flakes, small pasta, raisins, rice). Dosage is made continuously with a vibrating feeder. The system measures decrease of product level in time which allows setting dosage accordingly. Simple design and small number of parts guarantee high reliability and low cost of operation 0,5-10kg.
  • Helical dispenser is designed to filling glass and plastic containers as well as plastic bags with loose and powder products. Dosage is made by volume using helical feeders. Dosage ranges from 0,5kg to 25kg.


Auxiliary equipment:

  • labeling machines
  • carriers
  • buffer tables
  • cappers